About Us

BrandStreet began in the Surrey town of Weybridge, using our founder’s home turf to bring bonuses to local businesses in a bid to keep them connected to local and national customers.

The brainchild of Kevin Robinson there is an intriguing story about the three long years BrandStreet spent in development, one you can gain access to through our Press page.

BrandStreet for Business

BrandStreet utilises the latest technology to bring businesses and brands a new way to connect with consumers while enhancing customer loyalty. Blending the best in traditional marketing with the future in commerce, BrandStreet is an APP for the future that is making waves today. Find out more here…

BrandStreet for Shoppers

Brand Street is the app for the savvy, forward thinking deal lover allowing you to utilise the best in modern technology to completely personalise your very own shopping experience.

Becoming a user is easy and with a couple of clicks you’ll gain access to the best brands, deals, offers, events and news on Brand Street.

Let our brands win you over as they fall over themselves to make your shopping experience richer, smarter, better and tailor made for you.

It’s free and it always will be. Download the APP now to see BrandStreet for yourself https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/brandstreet/id1004892819?mt=8

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