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The New Digital High Street

BrandStreet Transforms local High Streets into Smart Towns using beacon technology. Local businesses can now reach new and existing customers as they walk through the High Street & deliver your message directly to their mobile phones at the right time.

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How Does it Work?

BrandStreet brings you the opportunity to adopt the latest in customer engagement technology for your business through beacons. You can reach the right people with the right message at the right time easily with the seamless integration of BrandStreet

Beacon technology is the latest development in intelligent, real time marketing for small to large businesses. A beacon installed in your business will allow you to send messages direct to a passer by's phone in real time for maximum rewards.

What is a Beacon?

A beacon is a small device that you place in your store. This acts as a lighthouse (beacon) constantly sending a signal which seeks out the BrandStreet APP.

When a user comes in range of your store, that signal triggers a predetermined message of your choice which is received instantly on to your customer's phone.

Who Will I Reach on BrandStreet?

You will reach current and potential customers, local residents, tourists and our users on BrandStreet. Our users are actively
searching for businesses like yours to connect with for mutual benefits.

What can I do with BrandStreet?

You can create messages, content and campaigns with BrandStreet, the only limit being your own imagination.

Use BrandStreet to:

  • Entice passers by into store
  • Engage customers as they browse
  • Increase loyalty with rewards
  • Entertain customers as they wait
  • Influence buying indecision
  • Encourage Brand interaction
  • Inform shoppers and answer questions
  • Share news offers and deals
  • Entice passers by into store
  • Showcase new features, products or menus

No matter what your technical or marketing ability BrandStreet will enhance every effort you make to attract, retain, engage and persuade your target market.

How Can it Benefit My Business?

BrandStreet is your presence on mobile, just like the sign outside your shop, you need BrandStreet to make mobile users aware of your presence.

Once enabled, BrandStreet makes sure you and the products or services you sell stand out to local residents, tourists and passers by on and offline, in real time. Enhancing your reputation while increasing awareness, BrandStreet is your secret weapon for getting you noticed.

Your customers are smart, make your business smarter with beacon technology that reaches every consumer.

Use the most popular form of communication to get your message across and reach out to your customers as they shop.

Usually complicated, costly and time consuming, BrandStreet makes beacon technology easy, quick and cheap for all businesses to benefit.

Three Simple Steps to Creating Great Content

No technical or design ability is needed to create engaging content that appeals to your target market. Our dashboard has been designed with your convenience in mind. You can easily upload your content and publish direct to the APP.

Claim Your Own Virtual Store
with a Brand Page

Share Great Content to Attract, Entice,
Engage & Retain Your Customers

Easily Reach New and Existing
Customers in Real Time

Your All in One Mobile Marketing Solution

Easily Create Real Time Marketing Campaigns

Gain Access to Valuable Data

See how your customers interact with your business and use the data to improve engagement and conversions.

Store Visits - See how your marketing campaigns improve the amount of visitors to your store
Time Spent in Store - Find out what is attracting your customers and what might prompt them to leave
Profile Views - See how many potential customers you could be selling to with a tweak to your current marketing strategy

Discover what makes your customers tick and target your messages to exploit it
Replicate successful marketing campaigns and improve those that leave customers cold.

Choose Your BrandStreet Package

You can add your business to BrandStreet for FREE, receiving a full business listing, brand page and access to our APP.
To take full advantage of Brand Street beacon technology and the benefits it brings, a small subscription fee is required
to cover our admin. Our generous three month package offer makes this the most affordable way in the UK to enhance your
business through intelligent real time marketing.

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You can register for FREE now and enjoy all the benefits of a basic account which includes:
  • FREE Business Listing and Brand Page
  • Upload Content & Media to Categories
  • Reach Local Residents
  • Be Constantly Visible on Mobile
It costs nothing to claim your store front on BrandStreet and nothing to reach out to new and existing customers. At the very least, it's your FREE local business listing with links.

Plus Account

The PLUS account brings you an incredible opportunity to use beacon technology for the benefit of your business.
  • FREE basic profile
  • FREE Advertising Materials
  • Pre-Configured Beacon 50% less than RRP*
  • Access to Easy Beacon Dashboard and Live Publishing Tools
This really is the most affordable way to explore the benefits of beacon technology for businesses as the monthly subscription costs less than the actual beacon itself!
Free Beacon

Pro Account

As a BrandStreet PRO you'll receive everything from the FREE and PLUS accounts plus extra features and benefits such as our generous advertising package below.
  • FREE Pre-Configured Beacon and Delivery
  • Add up to FIVE Stores
  • Promote Yourself Locally AND Nationally
  • 1 Month FREE of Our Advertising Package
Our PRO account has everything you need to start and succeed with beacon technology and is available for a nominal monthly fee that simply covers our admin.

Register for FREE now and find out more about our upgrades within your FREE account

More Promotions to Get You Noticed

We're proud of our relationship with our users and businesses and have a strong social media presence along with open communication channels through email and newsletters.
For a limited time only, when you sign up to a PRO account, we'll promote your business across all of our advertising platforms to give you an incredible boost to your reputation and presence. Increase awareness, reach new markets and remind local residents of your existence with our generous advertising package worth £100 but free for PRO subscribers.
  • 1 Advert in Our Weekly Email to Users
  • 1 Big Mention on Our Blog with a DO FOLLOW
    Link back to your website
  • 1 Featured Post in Our Editor's Choice Profile
  • 1 Shout Out to ALL our Social Media Fans
    and Followers

Business Groups and Local Councils

BrandStreet has been transforming entire High Streets by connecting whole business communities and helping towns to exploit the benefits of beacon technology. If you are a business group or are looking for opportunities in your town to promote your local businesses please get in touch to discuss how we can help you bring a whole new experience to residents and tourists visiting your High Street.

Call 0800 689 0671 to discuss your business requirements